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Brake Basics: How to keep your brakes in great shape!

by Ali's Bellevue Auto Repair on 10/02/15

It is undeniable that one of the most important safety features of your car is your braking system. The brakes help keep you protected on the road- so it is vital that your brakes stay dependable and work properly. Ignoring brake problems can lead to serious safety risks and also more expensive, expansive breakdowns and repairs. Preventative maintenance is key! 

Knowing when to get your brakes inspected, serviced, or repaired can be confusing so we have outlined some beneficial brake tips that will help you avoid a hazardous situation and possibly save you some money. 

Tip 1: Have your brakes regularly checked. If you take your car in for a regular tire rotation—then get your brakes inspected at the same time. Every 6 months to a year, get your brakes looked at by a professional. During the check the different brake components and brake fluid will be inspected. 

Tip 2: If you hear noises while braking- get it professionally inspected. Screeching, grinding, squealing noises are signs of potential brake wear and other brake problems. The well-timed repair of one component of the brakes will help keep your whole system running efficiently.

Tip 3: Watch out for your vehicle’s brake warning light. When it turns on it signifies an issue with the master cylinder, or a leak of brake fluid. Whenever you see a warning light your vehicle is trying to tell you that there is a problem that needs fixing. A professional auto shop will be able to identify the exact issue and get it quickly corrected.

Tip 4: Timely replacement of your brake pads may save your braking system from needing an entire brake job. Every time you drive your vehicle your brakes are enacted and friction is placed on your brake pads. Over time your brake pads will wear down and need to be replaced. If you go too long it will affect other parts of the braking system including the brake drums and rotors causing the need for additional, more costly repairs. 

At Ali’s we are proud to provide brake inspections and services. If it is time to get your brakes checked or have any additional questions about brake life or preventative maintenance that will save you money give us a call at 425-450-9713.

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