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Car Checks for Summer - Plenty of car problems to be avoided!

by Ali's Bellevue Auto Repair on 05/21/15

Summer is coming up and it is time to get your car prepared for the season. When thinking about getting your car ready for summer and long before you take those family road trips you will want to take precautions by getting a general maintenance check, and also to protect your vehicle against the possibility of overheating.

Actually, the first thing that you will look to avoid over the summer is overheating your car. Overheating is very dangerous for your vehicle and can lead to major overhauls and costly repairs- such as engine replacement. Car overheating can sometimes be avoided by taking some simple precautions. Your car's cooling system should be completely flushed every 24 months to avoid build-up. 

Old, broken hoses or lack of anti-freeze can lead to overheating by disrupting the cooling of the car's engine. Your coolant and coolant levels need to be regularly monitored-especially over the summer. Make sure your radiator cap is properly tightened and if you are unsure about your coolant levels you can take your car into a facility to get it checked.  It's easy to check the coolant level yourself, but if the level seems to drop easily, you may have other issues, such as a leak. To prevent corrosion you always want to use a coolant with additives, instead of water----a pretty basic tip, but you'd be surprised what some folks try. 

In general, you will also want to do a maintenance of the car systems that are frequently used during the summer. Make sure the car's oil has been regularly changed and it is also recommended that you have your filters, such as your fuel filter, and air filter replaced. Also before the summer begins you may want to get the air conditioning system checked and serviced. If you are experiencing any rough idling with your engine or other driving problems get a general check of your engine and get it corrected professionally. 

The summer is tough on your car internally, but also check other systems like tires, brakes, and lights that may also need to be repaired or changed out. If your windshield wipers are old get them replaced as a dusty, dirty windshield can present a safety hazard. An extra special prep idea is that you can detach and clean your car’s battery and cables and wipe it off. 

Taking on some simple replacements and repairs, as well as being cognizant of your coolant levels, will help your car stay on the road through the heat of the summer months. If you have any additional questions about prepping your car for summer or need any kind of repairs give Ali’s a call today—and enjoy the sun while it is here!

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