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Signs and Dangers of Faulty Car Alignment

by Ali's Bellevue Auto Repair on 06/06/14

The car's wheel alignment is important for getting the most out of your tires, but it's also important for your own safety. Bad wheel alignment, or a car that is out of alignment, limits a driver’s ability to control the vehicle. Proper wheel alignment is not only good for control but also good for your fuel efficiency.
Bad wheel alignment, particularly front end alignment, can cause your vehicle to veer to one side when a dangerous situation occurs and you must brake sharply. In addition, faulty wheel alignment can cause your tires to wobble on the pavement, causing premature tire wear. Another problem is the reduction of your gas mileage, since resistance is higher when your wheels are not properly aligned. 

When your wheel alignment properly is correctly set, your vehicle handles more predictably and optimally, making it easier for you to avoid dangerous situations. You get the benefit of loner tire wear and optimal gas mileage.

What are the signs that you may need your alignment handled?
1. Uneven wearing of your tires
2. The vehicle seems to be drifting to one side, even when you think you're driving straight.
3. The steering wheel vibrates more than usual. (this indicates the "wobbling" we referred to).
4. When you're driving straight, your steering wheel isn't centered.

If you notice these signs, bring your car in for an alignment check. On average, you should have your car or truck wheel alignment checked every 6 months to a year for your own safety. Unfortunately, it is easy to knock your car out of proper wheel alignment. As part of your normal driving, areas of your car's suspension may become worn, and springs can be stretched out. A small fender-bender or even driving up onto a curb can disrupt your suspension, knocking some of the highly calibrated components into mis-alignment. Alignment problems don’t get better on their own; they must be diagnosed and corrected. A re-alignment restores these components to their correct measurements, making sure your wheels to sit straight. 

The best auto repair facilities, like Ali's Bellevue Auto Repair, will make sure to check tire pressure, check tire wear, and inspect your current alignment via proper testing. Our shop can also handle larger vehicles than your normal auto repair shop. Big trucks and commercial vehicles of all types get their larger vehicle wheel alignments handled here!

If you're noticing issues with your tires or your car alignment, don't hesitate!  Get your alignment test right away, as it may be one of the most important safety precautions you can take.

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1. Alisa Hill said on 6/12/14 - 04:28AM
Really nice tips about tire and wheel alignment. Its great to have the post. Very useful Automotive Repair tips for all. For more, Visit the link given.
2. steelehonda said on 2/22/16 - 11:40AM
Thank you for the post! I didn't know how bad of an impact a car's bad wheel alignment could make. Thank you for explaining that," Bad wheel alignment, particularly front end alignment, can cause your vehicle to veer to one side when a dangerous situation occurs and you must brake sharply.". I am new to the car repair world so knowing the effects of a bad alignment will help me what to look out for in the future. <a href='' ></a>
3. Lillian Schaeffer said on 4/19/16 - 01:54PM
This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that your car drifting to one side can indicate wheel alignment issues. I noticed this happening a few days ago, and I thought it was just the wind, but the weather was very calm today, and I was experiencing the same thing. I'll definitely look into taking my vehicle in to have the wheels aligned properly. Thanks for the great post!

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