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Six Signs That Your Brakes Need Repair or Servicing

by Ali's Bellevue Auto Repair on 05/24/18

It's always going to be the best policy to keep solid track of your car's repairs, servicing, or part replacements. This way you'll know about when you are due for services and other replacement and you don't have to wait for failures or breakdowns to know you need to come see Ali's Bellevue (or your trusted mechanic). With some systems there are NO WARNING signs, so you're going to be best off getting your vehicle to a trusted mechanic that can give you an idea of where everything is at. With your brakes there are some warning signs that can at least alert you to trouble before a costly failure---costly to your wallet AND your safety.

Here are SIX signs that your car's brake system needs a check up, or brake repairs, by a trusted mechanic:

1. The most obvious sign is that your "Brake Warning Light" comes on. It usually is alerting you to low brake fluid as opposed to other wear. If this lights up, you're going to want to get this to a professional ASAP. Low brake fluid can be dangerous and cause your brakes to stop responding altogether, plus it wears your brake system down more quickly.

2. Less Response from Braking is also a key warning sign. This usually comes from low fluid, or an air or fluid leak. Possibly, you've noticed leaking fluid around your car and weren't sure what it was. Well, even if your warning light doesn't come on, a less-responsive braking system is something to get checked out right away.

3. Your Brakes Make a "Squealing" Sound. You may need to roll down your window to hear it clearly, but if your vehicle is making a squealing sound as you brake, then your car needs a brake adjustment, pad replacement, or some sort of brake repair. Waiting will only increase the chances of needing a more costly repair.

4. The Car "Pulls" When You Are Braking. If your car pulls to one side as you are coming to a stop, then it's most likely a problem with your brakes. This might mean your brakes need to be adjusted, that there is a fluid leak, or that they are worn out altogether.

5. The Brakes Are Grinding. A grinding noise coming from your brakes when you step on them is a very bad sign. It usually means your pads are worn down, and when the pads are worn out, it starts to cause brake repair needs prematurely.

6. Your Car Vibrates When You're Braking. It's not normal to experience shaking, pulsing, or any excessive vibration. This can indicate problems with your wheel alignment, but also brake rotor issues. Get it checked out to ensure your safety.

Don't take any chances with your brakes, as they are a HUGE part of driving safely. Whatever brake issue you have, Ali's Bellevue Auto Repair is ready to help from the smallest to the biggest brake system issues. We also handle wheel alignments right here (and not every shop out there does that). Thanks for reading these tips!

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