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The Time To Choose a Good Auto Mechanic is BEFORE You Need One

Every day we depend on our car to take us places. When we jump into the car, we want it to run efficiently and work correctly. If your car breaks down and will no longer get you where you need to go, you are dealing with an emergency situation of sorts. You'll need immediate repair to get you back on the road and back to your normal routine.

When you need time-sensitive help for your vehicle, you certainly can't take a proper amount of time in choosing the best auto repair shop for you. A hasty choice in this field can be costly, as all auto service shops are not created equal. Before you schedule an appointment or take your car into an auto shop, make sure to do your research so that you get the service, repair, expertise, and cost that you are looking for. Below are some tips for selecting the auto repair shop that will work best for you.

Tip #1: Ensure that the auto shop has the experience and proper certifications. When a shop or mechanic has extensive experience in auto repairs they are less likely to suggest unnecessary repairs or to repair a part incorrectly. You will also want to inquire if the shop is an ASA member or if their mechanics are ASE certified. ASE-certified mechanics have extensive training and set the standard for quality auto repair technicians.

Tip #2: Look for referrals and reviews. When looking for a professional auto service shop that also is affordable, quick, and friendly you will want to ask around and look at reviews online through sites like their Google Business Profile, Facebook, and Yelp. You should also ask friends and neighbors in your area.

Tip #3: Don’t base the decision only on price. The most affordable auto repair business may not be the cheapest. Pricing isn't the same as a good cost and you may not be getting the most value. Make sure that you do research and compare. Inexperienced and uncertified shops may not make the best repair decisions, and you may not get a long-lasting, guaranteed repair.

Tip #4: Visit the auto shop and use them for small maintenance and repairs. This is an excellent strategy as well. Give a shop the opportunity to impress you. Taking your car in for smaller repairs will give you an idea of how well they can handle larger issues. A clean waiting room, friendly staff, and attentive service can say a lot about how an auto shop.

Once you have found an auto shop that works for all your specifications then you will not only want to count on them for big breakdowns but to keep your car on the road for the long haul. Work with them to conduct the regularly recommended maintenance services. At Ali’s, we are extensively trained, experienced, and we are the local professionals that are ready to work with you on any repair you need for your car—large or small. If you would like to check out our shop or want to bring your car in give us a call.


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