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Your Top-Rated Transmission Shop in the Bellevue/Seattle Area

Nothing has changed. Ali's Bellevue Auto Repair is still your home for complete auto care for everything from brakes to oil changes, to engine repair and electrical issues. Special recognition though has been given for our outstanding work in Transmission Repair. Our shop has been named one of the Best Transmission Repair Shops in Seattle (and Bellevue areas) by group that compiles lists of top service providers in many categories across the country.

We've mentioned before that many other shops have to send you to a "transmission specialist", but that we offer transmission repair and servicing right here at Ali's. We feel that it's a huge benefit to our customers, knowing we can take care of ALL their auto care needs. It's that much better to be known as a QUALITY transmission repair shop in the area.

Transmission repair tips from Ali's

We are honored to be included on this list, but it's actually not all that surprising for us when you consider the criteria that Expertise was judging upon. We thought we'd review their factors and explain why it actually makes a lot of sense for us to be on this list. It may be just a list of transmission repair shops, but we take the same approach on all our work.

Here are the five main categories they used to judge and find the best, and how we stack up:

  • Reputation - Expertise defines this as a "history of delighted customers". For about a decade we've been building our customer base upon the idea that we treat others the way we'd want to be treated, in order to gain our customers' business and their recommendations. Today, those "delighted customers" have come back again and again, and there are plenty of online reviews that speak to that.

  • Credibility - Not only do we have ASE certified technicians, and mechanics that trained at institutions like Wyo Tech, but we also keep up on the latest diagnostic equipment and techniques when it comes to working with transmissions and other areas of your vehicle.

  • Experience - Ali and his technicians have decades of experience repairing the transmissions on many different makes and models of cars and trucks. We've had a shop in Bellevue for over a decade now, so we know what Bellevue-area folks may face with local weather and conditions. Transmission work requires many years of experience to even diagnose with precision---this is primarily what makes us a great shop to choose for transmission work.

  • Availability - Our auto repair facility is family-owned and family-operated, and this means we treat our customers like we would treat our family as well. You should always feel welcomed at Ali's and it should be apparent that we make every effort to communicate and get your car scheduled and fixed as promptly as we can. Give us a call or stop by and test us---we'll pass the test!

  • Professionalism - Whether you are checking us out online, calling for an appointment, or coming by in-person, Ali and his team use the same professional approach. It's about friendliness, a clear diagnosis, straightforward communication of challenges and options, timeliness of service, and leaving our customers with confidence in choosing our shop.

So, it's official and we've been recognized, but you don't have to take Expertise's word for it. For transmission repair work or any other car repair, Ali's Bellevue Auto Repair wants you to experience these points for yourself. When you do, it will be very easy to see why we were chosen as one of the best shops around. Also, it will be hard to go anywhere else, once you see how our company can be a trusted adviser with any and all auto care issues you may have. We can't wait to serve you!


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